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Brown spotted bengal - Lecruz Bengals

DNA Inca 

Brown - Spotted 

Sire - Annoub Painted Jaguar
Dam - Tijah Jorja

Seal mink marble bengal - Lecruz Bengals

Atistaldi Caspia Glaze

Seal Mink - Marble

Sire: Abooksigun Asteroid Eris 
Dam: Tarmac Tira Larimar

Brown rosetted bengal - Lecruz Bengals

Lecruz Koko Khalua

Brown - Spotted


Sire - Abooksigun Asteroid Eris (IMP UK)
Dam - DNA Inca

Snow bengal cat Australia

Leosleopards Red Icing

Silver Seal Lynx - Spotted

Sire - Leosleopards Sizzling Suzy
Dam - Mystic Aura Calypso

Silver charcoal bengal - Lecruz Bengals

Klimpton Park Hallows Eve

Charcoal - Spotted
Apb/a, C/cb

Sire: Arrowfield Helios 
Dam: Klimpton Park Ophelia

Brown rosetted bengal - Lecruz Bengals

Lecruz Tiger Lilly

Brown - spotted
C/cs D/d

Sire: Tijah Aztec
Dam: Atistaldi Caspia Glaze

Brown marble cat Lecruz Bengals Australia

Lecruz Spell Bound

Brown - marble

Sire: AlphaJag Ice Platinum 
Dam: Luxotic Lunar Eclipse

Melanistic spotted bengal - Lecruz Bengals

Lecruz Moonlight Gourami 

Melanistic - spotted
a/a, C/cs, D/d

Sire: Iceni Ignatius
Dam: Iceni Anja

Snow bengal cat Australia

Lecruz Nix Nebula
Seal mink - spotted

cb/cs, A/a

Sire: Iceni Ignatius 
Dam: Iceni Anja

Queens: Females
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