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Brown spotted bengal - Lecruz Bengals

DNA Inca 

Brown - Spotted 

Sire - Annoub Painted Jaguar
Dam - Tijah Jorja

Inca, our magnificent brown rosetted Bengal, embodies the essence of the breed with her affectionate, energetic, and vocal demeanor, not to mention her insatiable appetite for food. Her stunning appearance, marked by her intricate rosetted markings and burnt orange coat, will leave you breathless. Her golden eyes and glittering pelt, paired with a beautifully whitened belly, only serve to enhance her allure. Her unique personality and captivating features have earned her a reputation for being truly unforgettable.

Seal mink marble bengal - Lecruz Bengals

Atistaldi Caspia Glaze

Seal Mink - Marble

Sire: Abooksigun Asteroid Eris 
Dam: Tarmac Tira Larimar

Caspia, our Seal Mink Marble Bengal, is a stunning addition to our breeding program. Her aquamarine eyes are a striking feature, complemented by her beautiful marbling pattern and lovely markings. With a thick, luxurious tail and a soft, cuddly personality, Caspia is a joy to be around. We are eager to see the offspring she will produce, and confident that she will continue to bring beauty and warmth to our breeding program. Caspia is a true representation of the Bengal breed, with her stunning appearance and endearing personality, and we are thrilled to have her as a part of our program.

Brown rosetted bengal - Lecruz Bengals

Lecruz Koko Khalua

Brown - Spotted


Sire - Abooksigun Asteroid Eris (IMP UK)
Dam - DNA Inca

Khalua, is our homegrown upcoming Bengal queen. With championship and imported lines in her pedigree, she is destined for greatness. Her confidence, playfulness, and curious nature make her a delight to be around. As she continues to grow and develop, we are confident that she will flourish into a beautiful and graceful Bengal. Her exquisite horizontal flow, contrasting, and sturdy structure are testament to her quality and potential for success. We are thrilled to watch her journey and look forward to seeing the impact she will make in our breeding program.

Snow bengal cat Australia

Leosleopards Red Icing

Silver Seal Lynx - Spotted

Sire - Leosleopards Sizzling Suzy
Dam - Mystic Aura Calypso

Arctica, a magnificent Silver Lynx Bengal, is a valued addition to our breeding program at Lecruz Bengals. With her mesmerizing blue eyes and silky smooth coat, she embodies the essence of the breed. Her playful, energetic personality is a testament to her youthful spirit and vitality. Arctica boasts a well-proportioned set and structure that exude grace and elegance. Her soft pelt is a luxurious attribute that adds to her overall beauty. We are eager to observe her growth and development as she makes her mark in our program. We consider ourselves fortunate to have Arctica in our care and are confident that she will make a lasting impression in the world of Bengal breeding.

Brown spotted bengal - Lecruz Bengals

AVAILABLE entire to registered breeder 

Iceni Anja

Brown - Spotted
C/cs, A/a, D/d

Sire: Kungsgarden Romulus (IMP EUR)
Dam: Iceni Fallen Angel

Anja, our magnificent brown spotted bengal, has captured our hearts with her wild appearance and enchanting golden eyes. She is a perfect addition to our brown and snow breeding program. Anja boasts a well-structured body with a graceful horizontal flow and striking contrasting markings that are simply mesmerizing. Beyond her physical attributes, Anja is an outgoing and affectionate feline who loves to be pampered and showered with attention. She has a smoochy personality that is both endearing and entertaining, making her a delightful companion for anyone lucky enough to call her their own. At Lecruz Bengals, we are thrilled to have Anja as part of our family and are eagerly awaiting the gorgeous offspring she will produce.

Silver charcoal bengal - Lecruz Bengals

Klimpton Park Hallows Eve

Charcoal - Spotted
Apb/a, C/cb

Sire: Arrowfield Helios 
Dam: Klimpton Park Ophelia

Evee, our stunning silver charcoal bengal, is a highly anticipated addition to our charcoal program. Charcoal bengals are prized for their unique and distinctive appearance, and Evee is no exception. Her gorgeous pelt boasts a silky smooth texture and a rich charcoal hue that is sure to captivate. Her contrast is equally impressive, accentuating her striking features and structure. Evee's eye and muzzle set are particularly noteworthy, adding depth and expressiveness to her already striking appearance.
In addition to her stunning appearance, Evee boasts a loving and cuddly personality that makes her a joy to be around. We are confident that Evee will produce some amazing offspring for us in 2023, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for her here at Lecruz Bengals

Brown rosetted bengal - Lecruz Bengals

Lecruz Tiger Lilly

Brown - spotted
C/cs D/d

Sire: Tijah Aztec
Dam: Atistaldi Caspia Glaze

Lilly is an exceptional addition to our breeding program. She showcases a magnificent patterning with a pristine whitened belly and remarkable horizontal flow. Her physical attributes are truly awe-inspiring, featuring a broken spine line, good ear set and muzzle.  To complete her stunning appearance, Lilly has a thick, luxurious tail. Aside from her physical beauty, Lilly has a playful and affectionate personality that makes her an absolute joy to be around. Her cuddly nature is a perfect match for her superb physical traits, making her an ideal choice for families looking for a Bengal with both beauty and personality. We are beyond excited to see what she will produce for us in 2023.

Brown marble cat Lecruz Bengals Australia

Lecruz Spell Bound

Brown - marble

Sire: AlphaJag Ice Platinum 
Dam: Luxotic Lunar Eclipse

We are proud to introduce Neyitri as one of our upcoming queens. Neyitri has a stunning marble coat that is silky smooth to the touch. With a nice short pelt, her coat showcases the lovely contrasting that are highly desirable in the Bengal breed. Her ears are well-set, and her muzzle is well proportioned, giving her wild appearance. Beyond her striking physical traits, Neyitri has a typical Bengal personality. She is confident, playful, curious, and smart, which are all qualities that we strive to breed for in our program. We are excited to see the amazing kittens that Neyitri will produce for us in the future.

Melanistic spotted bengal - Lecruz Bengals

Lecruz Moonlight Gourami 

Melanistic - spotted
a/a, C/cs, D/d

Sire: Iceni Ignatius
Dam: Iceni Anja

Gourami is our stunning upcoming melanistic queen that we are extremely excited to have in our breeding program. Gourami is a prime example of the Bengal breed, with her silky coat, well-defined body, and striking eyes that are sure to capture the hearts of anyone who meets her. One of the standout qualities of Gourami is her exceptional personality. She is incredibly playful, curious, and confident, which are all traits we look for in a great breeding cat. Gourami's structure and overall appearance are also something to behold, with her well-set ears, good muzzle, and athletic build.
We cannot wait to see her develop and watch her impact on our program in the coming years.

Snow bengal cat Australia

Lecruz Nix Nebula
Seal mink - spotted

cb/cs, A/a

Sire: Iceni Ignatius 
Dam: Iceni Anja

Meet Nebula, our stunning seal mink upcoming queen! Nebula boasts an exquisite silky coat, paired with large, striking nocturnal eyes and impressive horizontal flow. She possesses an engaging personality that has already won our hearts, and we can't wait to see how she contributes to both our snow and potentially solid programs. We are excited to watch this beautiful girl continue to develop and flourish in our breeding program.

Queens: Females
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