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Tijah Aztec

Brown - Spotted

Sire - Tijah Dodge Charger  

Dam - Iceni Miss Money Penny

DOB -12/09/2020

Aztec is truly one of a kind. Not only is he beautiful but he also has an exceptional personality that sets him apart from the rest. His coat is silky and glistening, with an even pattern that is truly mesmerizing. His stunning green eyes are bright and captivating, adding to his overall charm. He has a great muzzle and ear set, which complements his strong and athletic physique. What sets Aztec apart from other cats is his incredible temperament. He is incredibly social and loves to be around people and other animals. He has a great sense of playfulness and is always eager to participate in interactive activities. His fetching skills, leash-walking abilities and ability to perform tricks only add to his unique charm.

Brown spotted male bengal

AlphaJag Ice Platinum 

Silver charcoal - Spotted
Apb/a C/cs

Sire: Tijah Sun Catcher 
Dam: Alphajag Black Pearl

DOB - 02/09/2019
Ice is our stunning Silver Charcoal Bengal. Ice's gorgeous features and personality are sure to turn heads. His captivating hazel eyes are just the icing on the cake, complementing his sleek and plush pelt. Ice also has a thick tail, well-formed ear set, and a well-shaped muzzle, all of which contribute to his impeccable structure. But, it's not just his physical appearance that sets him apart. Ice is also known for his loving and smoochy personality, making him a joy to be around. Whether it's playtime or cuddles, Ice always finds a way to bring a smile to our faces. He is truly a catch, and we are grateful to have him in our program.

Silver charcoal bengal stud - Lecruz Bengals

Lecruz Champs Élysées

Brown - Spotted 

Sire - Tijah Aztec

Dam - Atistaldi Caspia Glaze 

DOB -18/03/2022
Rocco, our home-grown Bengal stud, is a true beauty. His physical attributes are a testament to his breed's standard and are sure to leave an impression. He boasts striking green eyes, small ears that are well positioned, and a rosetting pattern that is breathtaking. Additionally, his thick snow leopard tail and whitened belly accentuate his stunning appearance. His horizontal flow is impeccable and adding to his overall physical appeal. We are proud to have Rocco as part of our breeding program and look forward to seeing the offspring he will produce.

Brown spotted bengal stud

Wild Mountain Dark Arts

Melanistic - Marble

Sire: Wild Mountain Sterling Silver
Dam: Wild Mountain Black Rose

"Ouija" is a standout addition to our breeding program. With his gorgeous silky soft coat, and striking physique, this boy is sure to turn heads. But it's his captivating personality that has us absolutely smitten. Ouija has an endearing and loving nature that sets him apart, and we simply adore him. As breeders, we take pride in the quality of our cats, and Ouija's combination of physical beauty and charming demeanor make him a true standout. With the excitement of seeing his offspring set to arrive during Winter 2023, we cannot wait to see what the future holds for Ouija at Lecruz Bengals.

Melanistic bengal stud - Lecruz Bengals
Studs: Males
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